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You’re in good hands with College Bound. We have extensive experience with the ins and outs of college admissions. We make sure college applications are submitted on time and we showcase the very best in our students. Also, our one-on-one counseling model ensures each student gets personalized support throughout the application process. Lastly, we are passionate about sending students to the college of their choosing. We go the extra mile to get them there.


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We’re here for every step of the college application process. Check out some of our programs here

Academic Budget

Discover your academic budget - a snapshot of your scores, grades, and activities that can be used to find the best fit colleges.

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Creating a College List

We help students and parents create personalized college lists complete with safety schools, target schools, and reaches.

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Tackling the Applications

Till the one day when the lady met this fellow and they knew it was much more than a hunch. It's time to put on makeup.

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Read what Parents and Students have to say


I am so grateful that I had the fortune of having Ms. Jauregui as my counselor in high school. She made sure that I never fell behind and thanks to her I am now a student at Texas Tech University pursuing a degree in business.  

Jossiel Aguilar | Texas Tech University

When senior year finally comes, one gets so excited. Everyone's happy about these things, but with all of this comes something that we've all been dreading: applying to college. When applications first started rolling in, I thought it was too much, and it made me extremely stressed. I didn't even know where to start! Thankfully, though, I did not have to face all of this by myself. I had my college counselor, and she is the primary reason that I'm going to college this fall.

Rebecca Hernandez | Harvard University

My experience with Ms. Jauregui as college counselor has been a great one. All along the way she was always available to guide me through every step of the college admissions process.  

Carlos Grosso | University of Notre Dame

I will be forever grateful for the wonderful help Ms. Jauregui has provided me with. She has helped my dream of college become a reality. Her voice of reason and objectiveness allowed me to make one of the best decisions of my life.    

Kassandra Martinez | Texas State University 

Mrs. Jauregui was always checking up on me, and making sure I was researching and sending in applications to potential colleges. And I still feel as if she is making sure that college I am acclimating to this new chapter in my life.  

Reynol Rodriguez | Hendrix College